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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Philadelphia Flower Show 2012

I had the opportunity to visit the Philadelphia Flower Show this weekend with traveling partner and Philadelphia native Ms Rivers, and as usual had an outstanding time.  The theme of the show this year was "Hawaii".  A sampling of the photographs grabbed by my Sony Alpha...

Not really a flower, but it was right in front of us as we parked in the Constitution Center basement.

There weren't too many tropical-looking flowers that caught my attention.

This has nothing to do with Hawaii, but I love the contrasting colors.

You can't beat the color of a blooming rose.

Another rose.

The color was more Fall in this flower, but I loved the contrast.

Another tropical plant.

I just love how the white and purple contrast in this picture.  So many of my pictures of white flowers basically just washed out this year; I think I need to invest in a better flash...that or adjust for a lower level of light and longer exposure.

The show was sponsored by Subaru, and there was this super-cool 70's vintage (front wheel, not all wheel drive) model surrounded by tropical foliage.

We actually attended the Flower show on Friday, with Saturday morning spent with the extended family of Ms Rivers, including her wonderful parents, David and Elizabeth.  The afternoon was spent wandering the main drag in Manayunk, where I came upon that most endangered of retail species, the independent record store.  $17 later I had a copy of Neil Young's Greatest Hits.  

The only down-side this year:  a complete and utter lack of "the world is going to end" protesters.  Oh well...maybe next year!

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