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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Say what you want about the man & his morals, just don't "dis" capitalism

I find stories like this to be fascinating...

GOP: Anti-Romney Ads Go Too Far

Here is what is being said:

Mitt Romney can carpet bomb Newt Gingrich over his morals, his record, his basic level of sanity...and that's okay!  Hell, Mitt claims to not even be behind the ads.

Question the antics of Mitt Romney during his tenure at Bain Capital?  Why how dare they!  They are going too far!  Newt should be ashamed of himself!

Just how hypocritical can they get?  Newt Gingrich didn't invent negative attack ads in this campaign; Mitt Romney's surrogates did that in Iowa, thank you very much.  While there is some truth in all these advertisements (Yes, Newt did serve one of his former spouses divorce papers while she was being treated for cancer. Yes, Bain Captial has made big profits from firms it pushed into bankruptcy), the claims of outrage by the likes of Santorum, Hillbilly Heroin Addict Limbaugh, the Wall Street Journal, etc. fail the propriety test in an almost laughable manner.  Particularly galling is the notion by Romney that somehow he had nothing to do with the anti-Newt ads in Iowa.  Yes, he had nothing to do with the ads run...against his a SuperPac that supports him...that is run by his former campaign staff...and funded by people who also contribute to his campaign.

Oh, and this is the party of "Family Values".

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