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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Iowa really is "out there"

Want proof positive as to just how disassociated religious conservatives are from reality?  Then you need only look at the results from the Iowa caucus voting (from the Drudge Report, this morning):

Rick Santorum?  Seriously?  I can understand the appeal of Mitt Romney.  The guy is a proven leader, even if you don't like his ability to switch polar opposites on just about every issue known to the American voter.  But Rick Santorum?




Genuinely Homophobic

It's a good thing that the Iowa caucuses are predictors of, well, almost nothing.  Why?  Because if they were a genuine barometer of where the GOP votes are going...and Rick Santorum potentially becomes the nominee to run against President Obama...then it will be four more years of a Democratic President.  Mark my words.  Rick Santorum is unelectable in the Fall, period.

Just how out of touch is he?  He was recently quoted as saying that states should have the right to outlaw birth control.  Yes, ban birth control.  Reference HERE.  So all you haters of intrusive government out there,  what say you about a government...Federal or State...that has the right to tell you what you birth control measures you and your partner can use in your intimate relationship?  Seriously, someone out there want to defend this?  I can understand that some one's religious convictions could prevent them from using birth control, but is it the business of any government to simply dictate these choices to you?  This is just a single sample of just how "out there" Rick Santorum is on many issues.

Mark my words:  If Rick, then 4 more years of Obama.

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