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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Road Apples, #115

Blame the 'roids...As I noted yesterday, I'm currently taking a large does of steroids to combat some asthma problems.  The down side?  I get this kinds slimy feeling about myself.  As if I am always sweating or something.  Or my pores are extruding olive oil.  The up side?  I get tons of energy out of the deal for some reason.  I was up at 3:45am this morning and feel pretty damn good. The asthma is feeling noticeably better as well.  Still waiting for my neck to swell though.  Oh, just don't cut me off in traffic!  (just kidding)

Holy Family Church...As noted by Andy Palumbo, Holy Family Church on North Washington avenue in Scranton is being demolished.  I drove past there last night and, sigh, almost half of it is gone now.  I'm going to leave for work early and drive by to take some final pictures with the Sony Alpha this morning.  This was the church where I received most of the Catholic sacraments, a place that, at one time, looked so very big.  Now, well it looks rather small.  More pictures to come.  Whenever I see visible changes like this...changes that signal that an era has ended...I am reminded of this great song "Hold Back the Years" by Simply Red.

I guess sometimes you simply can't hold back the years.

The Holidays...are coming, seemingly pretty fast.  I also have a week's worth of business travel coming up.  And then there will be some travel around Thanksgiving holiday.  It's all good.

Greece...Proving that spineless politicians are not specific to this side of the Atlantic, the Greek government has decided that they will not take responsibility for saving their own economy (and for potentially dragging down Italy and Spain, not to mention knocking world stock markets) and instead will subject the recently approved EU bailout proposal to a beauty contest popular vote.  This is bad.  Greece is a test case in an economy where the wrong things were rewarded (massive numbers of public sector jobs, short work weeks, extremely early retirement ages) and the right things (hard work, industriousness, self-sufficiency) were discouraged.  Proving once again that the Hell's Angels are right ("Ass, grass, or gas...nobody rides for free"), the bill for all the wrong things has come due.  Unlike the United States, there is not a massive "1%" to blame it all on and tax the hell out of to fix things.  This is bad folks, very, very bad.  If the bailout is not approved, look for Greece to leave the Euro Zone and for financial markets to be rocked for months and years to come.

Herman Cain...has supporters who are now crying "the race card" at accusations he engaged in sexual harassment.  But wait:  weren't some of these same supporters deriding President Obama every time he even mentioned race during the last presidential campaign?  I don't know if Mr Cain is guilty of engaging in sexual harassment, but I know he has supporters who are guilty of hypocrisy.

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