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Sunday, November 6, 2011

More Holy Family Church Pictures

Just a few more that I have snapped.

Mass schedule.  The sign dates back to when I was a teenager (I think).

Anthracite Bridge Co, Scranton PA.  This stamping probably hadn't seen the light of day for over a hundred years.

This is the structure of the church steeple.  The Children of God (or whatever they are) folks stripped the copper off weeks ago.

What's left of the structure that supported the steeple.  Note the rivets.  It looks like the hull of the Titanic.  I think it dates from about the same period actually.

The front of the church.

Decorative stone work that isn't so decorative any more.

Post script:  Holy Family Church was built by Slovak miners from Scranton's Pine Brook section.  The dedications on the stained grass windows were actually in Slovak.  Rumor has it that the church, being built in a heavily mined area, was constructed on pylons that went down to bed-rock so as to avoid subsidence.  In all the years that I attended Holy Family I don't recall ever seeing evidence  of mine subsidence, so how knows?

In any event, I can't come up with anything more meaningful to say about the demise of something that really was a part of my childhood, so I'm going to leave this subject with the following...which seems strangely aligned to how I'm feeling.

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Anonymous said...

May the spirits of those Slovak miners and their founding families rise out of the rubble and let their presence be made known.