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Monday, January 5, 2015

Some Kanye West Fans Don't Know Who Paul McCartney Is

As reported HERE and several other places.

I just can't pass this one up, so... are 10 reasons why even the dumbest Generation XYZers should know who Paul McCartney is.

10.  He is an excellent bass guitarist.

9.  He wrote a song in tribute to the Motown sound that ended up getting covered by Earth, Wind and Fire.

8.  He wrote and performed a James Bond movie theme song.

7.  He had a Range Rover that he named "Helen Wheels".

6.  Like Jimmy Hendrix and my daughter Katrina, he is left handed.

5.  He owned a sheepdog named Martha that the wrote THIS SONG about.

4.  He wrote songs that could be both very simple and very deep, like "The Fool on the Hill".

Note the absence of words like "bitch", "ho", "crib" and such.  Oh, and no auto-tune either.

3.  He held his own along with another genius songwriter, John Lennon, and wrote this song about Lennon's son.

 2.  100 years from now, when the words "Kanye" and "West" are the answers to some obscure Kardashian trivia game purchased at the 2114 version of Dollar General, people will still be listening to his work. 

1.  He was a F*@king BEATLE you DOLTS!

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